How as little as 5 minutes a day can yield improvement, help you let go of perfection, and bring you more happiness.


Your seemingly innocuous product design could be repelling or alienating underrepresented users. Make it better by adopting a more inclusive and welcoming design. Here’s why it’s important, and how to get there.

“Induce anguish” and “increase anxiety” are usually not on a list of outcomes for any digital product. Even so, many social media products of the past and present have done just that. Joanne McNeil’s Lurking follows the digitally connected user of the internet and pre-internet. It’s a great book for anyone designing or building social apps and services. Those who forget the social internet’s past errors are doomed to repeat them.

Confirmation bias leads us to hold false belief with a confidence greater than evidence can justify. Curbing it when making decisions requires patience and rigor. It’s a battle that’s worth the effort.

Our brains do a pretty bad job of reasoning, and a great job of maintaining and strengthening false belief.

How our brain’s tendency to selectively gather, interpret, and recall information makes us behave irrationally.

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